About Us

Inter Aliyah Football Club was created to serve as a continuous bond between the diaspora community and the State of Israel. The Club will also provide a unified identity to the Olim residing within Haaretz.

Aliyah Club is envisioned to give an opportunity to those athletes in the diaspora that would like to come to Israel and play professional sports.

Currently at Liga Gimel (5th division) of the Israeli football league.



Develop strong and continuous relationships and support with the diaspora communities in order to grow Aliyah Clubs infrastructure. We shall serve as a home for incoming Olim to Israel, where they will be able to adapt to the culture, learn the language, achieve education and further develop as professional athletes.


Aliyah Club was created to generate a bond between Israel and Diaspora Jews through sports, initially football, and also create a sense of belonging for Olim who reside within Haaretz.